Khuếch đại điện áp VK-6000 hãng Vaka

Thông số kỹ thuật

Maximum input current: 30A
Single Maximum Output Current: 16A
Operating voltage: 220V/50-60Hz
Each-way power: Direct 3000W (power only)
Input and Output Voltage: AC input voltage = AC output voltage
Output power socket: socket in line with European standards
Socket material: phosphor bronze material each outlet, have passed tests before installation
Each channel switching interval: 1 second, each way with a light switch, back-end configuration an insurance switch button (BYPASS)
Relay: Ningbo Songle card (original authentic)
Circuit board line: The 60% ​​high purity tin, high-end streaming technology, enhanced by bold handling
Transformer: A & C genuine original
Power cord: 3 * 6 square power cord, wire length is 1.5 m configuration
Chassis height: 1U (in line with the cabinet in accordance with the standards)
Switch: rocker switch
Online Support: None
Controlled Function: None
Filter: Capacitor Filters