96K Hz sampling frequency, 32-bit DSP processor, 24- bit A/D and D/A converter.
6 models available: 2 ins/4 outs, 2 ins/6 outs, 2 ins/8 outs, 3 ins/6 outs, 4 ins/6 outs, 4 ins/8 outs.
USB and RS485 connectors. Up to 250 digital speaker managers can be connected together via RS485 and controlled remotely up to 1500 meters away.
Convenient use of function buttons on either front panel or the included software interface displays.
30 user-program parameters can be stored into the device.
Parameters can be safely locked against unauthorized users or unwanted changes.
6 independent parametric EQ for the input/output. The gain range rises from -20 to 20 dB per band. The output channel EQ can be adjusted to act as a Lo-shelf or Hi-shelf.
4 2×2 LCD blue back-light display present. 6 level meter LED display (mute and edit status of input/output displayed too).
Compensation-delay, phase-control and mute settings for each input/output channel. It offers a maximum length of 1000ms of delay that can be displayed in milliseconds, meters and feet all together.
Adjustable gain and limiter of output channel; Several input/output signals can be adjusted with the same parameters by the link available option.



Input Channel & Socket
2CHs, Female XLR
3CHs, Female XLR
4CHs, Female XLR
Output Channel & Socket
6 CHs, Male XLR
6 CHs, Male XLR
8 CHs, Male XLR
Input Impedance
Balance: 20KΩ
Output Impedance
Balance: 100Ω
PC Com Port
One USB Com Port on front panel, 2 RS485 Com Port on back panel(RJ-45)
Input Range
Frequency Response
<0.01% OUTPUT=0dBu/1KHz
Crosstalk of Channels
Functions of Input Channels
Input Mute
Each channel has Independent Mute Control
Input Delay
Each channel has Independent Delay Control Range:0—1000ms stepover 21us@<10ms; stepover 84us@10-20ms; stepover:0.5ms@>20ms
Input Polarity
Same Phase + or reversed Phase –
Input EQ
Each Input Channel has 6 Bands Parametric EQ Central Frequency Point:20Hz-20KHz, 239 frequency points totally Band Width:0.01oct-3oct @ stepover is 0.01oct Gain:-20dB-+20dB @ stepover , 0.1dB
Functions of Output Channels
Output Mute
Each channel has Independent Mute Control
Output Selection
Each input channel can be selected to each output channel
Output Gain
Range:-12dB~+12dB, step: 0.1dB
Output Delay
Each channel has Independent Delay Control Range:0—1000ms stepover 21us@<10ms; stepover 84us@10-20ms; stepover:0.5ms@>20ms
Output Polarity
Same Phase + or reversed Phase –
Each Channel can be set up LPF and HPF independently.Adjustable Parameters: Filter Types (Linkwitz-Riley/Besse/Butterworth ) Frequency Turning Point:20Hz-20KHz, 239 Frequency Points Decay of Slope:12dB/oct, 18dB/oct,24dB/oct, 48dB/oct
Each Channel can be set up limiter independently. Adjustable Parameters: Threshold Value:-20dBu-+20dBu Stepover:0.5dBu@starting time:0.3ms-100ms Stepover<1ms @0.1ms, Stepover>1ms@1ms
Output EQ
Each output channel can be set up as 6 Bands EQ. EQ Paramater , Lo-shelf/Hi-shelf can be selected for EQ Modes. When set as Parameter, the centre Frequency will be 20Hz-20kHz,the total Frequency points is 239.Band width:0.05 oct-3 oct.Step is 0.05 oct,Gain: -20dB-+20dB, Step is 0.1dB.When set as Lo-Shelf and Hi-shelf,the centre Frequency is 20Hz – 20k Hz,the total Frequency points is 239, the slope is 6 dB/12 dB.Gain:-20dB-+20dB.Step is 0.1 dB.
96KHz Sampling frequency, 32-bit Floating-Point DSP
With 2*24 LCD, 8-LED input/output level. Mute and Editing mode can be displayed.
Power Supply
AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
Product Dimension(W×D×H)
Net Weight
Shipping Dimension(W×D×H)
1PC:562X362X98mm/0.0199m3 6PCS:575X375X608mm/0.1311m3
Gross Weight
1PC:4.6(kg) 6PCS:28.8(kg)


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